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Why is a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Camera Essential for Mapping?

  • Author:Riebo
  • Date:2024/06/21

Impact on Images:

A WDR camera can simultaneously preserve details in both bright and dark areas.


Impact on Models:

Models may exhibit Cavities, Sinkholes and Hollows. This is easily noticeable whether in 3D modeling or a mesh without texture. The following photos provide a clearer comparison.







Why Does This Happen?

Due to the lack of dynamic range, features in dark areas become indistinct and bright environments are overexposed. This affects the Tie Point match during data processing.


These issues cannot be fixed in post-modeling. If a camera with WDR is not used during data capture and a high-contrast scene is encountered, the modeling results can be very unsatisfactory, sometimes requiring a complete recapture.


Photo Quality of Riebo Camera in High-Contrast Situations:

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