102MP Medium-Format Metric Camera

  • Image Coding
  • MLS Shutter
  • Redundant Data Deletion
  • Open SDK
  • No GCPs Postion
  • Detachable Gimbal
  • MLE Lens

Mapping Camera

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High Efficiency and Lightweight Design

  • Only 380g

    Explore the skies with a compact and lightweight drone.

  • Few Battery Packs

    Boost outdoor operational efficiency by reducing flight missions and minimizing battery changes.

  • Medium Format Back-illuminated Sensor

    Experience clarity through a 102-million-pixel medium format back-illuminated sensor, delivering an enhanced dynamic range.

  • Compact Size

    A more lightweight and compact design, compatible with a wider range of drones. Even with a small and portable drone, you can still explore the sky.

High-quality Aerial Image- the Cornerstone of High-precision Modeling

  • Self-developed MLE Lens

    Correcting chromatic aberration, enhancing image sharpness, and improving the quantity and precision of aerial triangulation matching points.

  • MLS Mechanical Global Shutter

    Compared to regular camera rolling shutters, it reduces RMS reprojection error by 20%. Edge illumination calibration ensures consistent brightness between the center and edges.

  • Adjustable Photo Quality

    Meets varying quality demands for different scenes.

Consistent Reliability

-30°C to 65°C

Operating temperature ranging from -30°C to 65°C, ensure that your equipment remains steadfast even in challenging conditions.

Anti-condensation Coating

The MLS shutter employs blade misalignment design and is coated with an anti-condensation layer, effectively preventing shutter failure caused by ice formation from low-temperature water vapor.

Extended Shutter Lifespan

The MLS shutter utilizes a motor direct-drive design, with a shutter time error of less than 5% over 500,000 cycles.

Versatility Amplified

  • Enhancing ROI

    The R10Pros supports detachable gimbals and is compatible with various drone platforms, achieving multi-purpose functionality, greatly enhancing equipment ROI.

  • Multiple Application Scenarios

    The Riebo Route Assistant (RRA) mission planning software comes standard, offering a variety of flight routes, including orthophoto, terrain following, vertical flight, and orbiting mode. And it widely applicable in smart cities, urban planning, inspection and beyond.

  • Open SDK

    Compatible with the Riebo survey cameras using the V3 protocol, meeting various development needs, allowing integration or extension to other application platforms.


  • Seamless Integration with RIEBO SDK and Full Lifecycle Support

    Experience the true potential of integration with our RIEBO SDK and rapid support throughout the lifecycle. We foster deep integration with drone and LiDAR manufacturers, ensuring a symbiotic partnership that enhances performance.

    Customized functionalities to your specific needs, creating a bespoke solution that aligns perfectly with your objectives. Our commitment to integration is underscored by providing extensive integration materials and guidance, making the process smooth and efficient.

  • Catering to Global Clients: Elevating Accessibility and Expertise

    At Riebo, we are dedicated to serving our global clientele and simplifying their journey. With a keen understanding of the diverse needs in today's interconnected world, our team of industry experts offers both online and on-site services.

    Through our customer success approach, we delve deep into your requirements, meticulously analyze investment returns, and ensure seamless project execution. We're not just a service provider. We're your partners in achieving success on a global scale.

  • Robust Supply Chain

    At Riebo, we prioritize a steadfast supply chain that guarantees the uninterrupted availability of our products. Our commitment to reliability is evident in the stability we provide across the supply chain, ensuring consistent access to our products.

    Additionally, we value transparency and effective communication, which is why we promptly notify clients any changes of product upgrades in advance. Empowering them to achieve stable supply chain management and eliminate stockouts.


Basic Parameters
  • Total Pixels


  • Sensor Size


  • Dimension


  • Focal Length


  • Data Transfer Mode

    SD Card

  • Exposure Feedback Accuracy


  • Video Transmission

    4K & 1080P@30fps

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