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Empowering Our Partners in Japan and Korea!

  • Author:Riebo
  • Date:2024/06/19

The Riebo team recently conducted an extensive 2-day training program in Japan and Korea, aimed at enhancing our partners' expertise with Riebo cameras and software.


📸What We Covered:

- Product Training: Detailed sessions on the advanced features of Riebo cameras.

- Software Training: Hands-on experience with our latest software solutions.

- Outdoor Camera Use: Practical demonstrations on optimizing camera performance in various outdoor settings.


Our goal is to ensure that our partners have the knowledge and skills they need to fully leverage Riebo products, delivering exceptional value to their customers.

🎓At the end of the training, Certification was awarded to all participating dealer representatives, recognizing their commitment to excellence and continuous learning.


Thank you to everyone who participated and made this training a huge success! Together, we are driving innovation and setting new standards in the industry.





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