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Riebo On-Site Support: Facilitating Quick Start for Customers

  • Author:Riebo
  • Date:2024/04/18

In the realm of surveying, every company shares a common goal: swift deployment and enhanced productivity upon acquiring surveying cameras. Yet, many enterprises find themselves entangled in a web of technical challenges post-equipment procurement, necessitating significant time investments to overcome these hurdles. Issues like software configuration and system integration frequently emerge as formidable obstacles.

In this article, we unveil how Riebo On-Site service endeavors to provide robust support for swiftly launching surveying operations post-camera acquisition.

Hands-on Training: Riebo Team Facilitates Swift Mastery

To promptly address the technical quandaries confronting our clientele, our sales managers and technical support team embarked on on-site training sessions at the customer's premises.


Over the span of two intensive days, collaborative sessions between our team and DDS (recently after merging with the fixed-wing drone manufacturer Keva Drone, DDS has changed its company name to “Daeyoung M&S”[DMS]) which  ensued, resulting in the seamless integration of Riebo cameras into their fixed-wing aerial platforms.

Our on-site service team extended beyond mere camera operation to encompass training on modeling software such as ContextCapture and Pix4D, as well as the utilization of Riebo's flight planning software RRA, and post-processing tools. Even insights on optimal infrastructure setup were provided, furnishing them with a comprehensive and actionable implementation blueprint.


Leveraging our extensive expertise in the surveying domain, we spared no effort in sharing invaluable insights and data collection techniques during the training period, enabling our clients to navigate potential pitfalls during project execution.


Simultaneously, our local service team provided remote technical support, promptly addressing queries raised by DDS on-site and conducting solution demonstrations, thereby significantly abbreviating issue resolution cycles and elevating project success rates, thus enhancing our clients' reputations.

Our esteemed partner, DDS, a leading surveying service provider in South Korea, collaborated closely with us throughout the training. Within a mere week post-training, the cameras were seamlessly operational, much to our collective delight, witnessing our products actively adding value to end customers.

Client Testimonial: Riebo's On-site Support Garners Acclaim

In a mere two-day training stint, Riebo's on-site service team adeptly navigated and resolved a myriad of technical challenges confronting the client.

Dr. Shon, Howoong(CTO of DDS) : “Riebo Team has provided training and expertise to ensure that the clients can fully utilize the technologically advanced Riebo Camera, and continue to offer consultations via WeChat. I sincerely express my gratitude to the on-site support team and Riebo for providing such technical transfer and training services.”


The success story of our collaboration with DDS stands as a testament to the effectiveness of our hands-on training approach and the unwavering support of our technical team. Together, we pave the way for a future where swift deployment and enhanced productivity are not just aspirations but attainable realities, thanks to Riebo On-Site Support.

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