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RIEBO On-Site | Bringing Riebo Expertise to Global Partnerships

  • Author:Riebo
  • Date:2024/04/17

In the past few years, Riebo has been actively expanding into international markets, providing on-site services and support in numerous countries and regions. Through our dedicated efforts, we've assisted many clients in achieving successful case studies and milestones.

Throughout this journey, we've developed a distinctive team structure for on-site services. Each client is assigned a dedicated service team comprising 3 key roles: Sales Manager, Technical Support, and Business Support. These roles work closely together, offering both on-site and online assistance, ensuring seamless support from pre-sales to post-sales processes.

Key Role 1: Sales Manager

Pre-sales identify client needs and offer tailored solutions, during-sales negotiate contracts and maintain communication, while post-sales gather feedback, address concerns, and provide ongoing support. Sales professionals also ensure clients utilize the latest product features promptly to boost productivity and effectiveness.


Key Role 2: Technical Support

Technical Support involves providing comprehensive assistance throughout various stages. In pre-sales, professionals offer technical consultations, support sales demonstrations, and assist in identifying client requirements. During-sales, they aid in installation, integration, and provide staff training. Post-sales, they offer ongoing technical support, promptly addressing and resolving issues to ensure product reliability and operational efficiency. This includes both online and on-site support, along with troubleshooting assistance.




Key Role 3: Business Support

Business Support encompasses crucial tasks across pre-sales, during-sales, and post-sales phases. In pre-sales, professionals facilitate contract negotiations, manage logistics, and ensure efficient and cost-effective logistics and customs clearance solutions. During-sales, they oversee contract signings, handle payments, and coordinate logistics to ensure smooth transactions. Post-sales, they manage contractual modifications, ensure compliance during delivery, and provide ongoing support for logistical and contractual issues, ensuring a seamless service delivery process.


Global Support: Delivering Exceptional Service Worldwide

Our teams are ready to travel to different countries, utilizing our expertise to provide hands-on support to our valued clients. At Riebo, we're committed to delivering exceptional service and fostering lasting partnerships worldwide.

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